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About textures/brushes and etc.,
- They are in my resources page [ HERE ]. If you are going to ask me to give you the specific texture I used in an icon, I'm sorry I can't give it to you because I no longer don't know who owns it (I'm reserving the rights of the owner). The only way I can help you is by giving you what community or whose textures I used that can be found in my resources page. Check there. :)

Tutorial in a particular icon.
- I don't do tutorial but I can help you by giving you a copy of .psd instead (message me and let's see what I can do to help you).

- I don't want to make a big deal out of it but much as you can please try to credit not me but the community seemyhands, so that others could check my community TEEHEE :D see how [ HERE ]

- erm... leave me a message here and we'll see about that. :) I'll probably relent to your request anyway hahahah! no kidding let's just see.

- Yes I accept affiliations with members or watchers more than 20 and it should be an active community [ Leave your community name HERE ]

Friending my personal journal
- I don't choose people who can friend me just as long as you can stand my meaningless rants I'll add you back, no defriending okay? Because I don't defriend someone whom I already have friended.

Textures with Password
- I do this so that I can track those people who uses my textures. ;)

- Comments/Suggestions leave them all here. </lj>
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